Mac and me

For a long time I’ve admired plant hangers, they are retro, functional, nice to look at (once you keep the plants watered!) and seem to add an extra dimension to your room. I’ve crocheted a few in my time, making it up as I go along to suit a particular pot, but I prefer the open look of macrame and that because of this it will fit a variety of pots or so I thought. Deciding to teach myself, my first attempts with some plastic clothes line worked ok, the clothes line was deceptively springy though and turned out way too big to hold a normal pot but my kids space hopper fitted perfectly. I then downloaded some online instructions (I can’t remember where but there are a lot out there!) and using parcel twine and actual calculations this time, made a more elaborate attempt that did fit a pot I had. I even incorporated a few random loom bands I found lurking around the house from various nieces and nephews, that would otherwise be making their way to the open sea, choking innocent fish. The twine looks great (I think) although it’s a bit rough to work with and so hairy that it looks like it may snap at any minute, like the bridge in Temple of Doom (or basically every rope bridge in every movie, ever) with the amount of strands used its actually very secure. The fragile look adds to the airyness of the hanging (I think). While you do feel like an old fisherman mending his nets and it takes way longer with more forward planning then I had guessed, you can get creative with materials and knots, while stretching your maths muscles (and actual muscles). I’ve invested in a bookbook M – New Ways with Macramé by Joyce Hargreaves – which even shows you how to Macramé your own dress, looks airy too but not in a good way. Can’t wait to get started on next project (actually I already have… pics to follow soon)