All ears

I bought myself a pair of earrings last summer. I’ve always been a big earring fan but had given up wearing any for fear of little grabby hands reefing them from my precious lobes. When it finally felt safe to go back in the water I found that all the chunky, dangly, shoulder skimmers that were my uniform for years didn’t seem to suit me anymore, the proportions were off. I realise now it was just an after baby funk but at the time it felt that my ears had grown while my eck had shrunk, I felt like those emo kids in 15 years time when they finally take those stretchers out, droopy and a bit silly. So happy was I then when I disovered these little discs of art down in the touristy shop in Cobh last year. Bright, light with a fresh palette of colour I got loads of compliments about them (which makes me think maybe the big hoops never suited me anyway). This lasted a week after which I left them at a friends house and that, I thought, was that until the end of January this year when she presented them to me on a night out. Yay! It was only when I got them back they suddenly struck me as familiar (not from last summer, but I had a flashback, I had given my Mother a brooch in a similar style years ago from I’m guessing a school tour). So I decided to investigate further and this is what I found out. My earrings were made by Meab Enamels in the midlands of Ireland. It is a mother and daughter operation, Meab has been crafting since the 60s developing her own open fire enamelling technique and recycling old copper water cylinders, her daughter Clair grew up and developed her craft alongside her mam, her enamel dish collection has some really lovely pieces that would make great gifts. Their designs are strongly influenced by the Celtic knot and the book of Kells but aren’t traditionally “Oirish” looking. I really like their background story having spent time growing up around different relations who crafted for pleasure, practical reasons and for a living, I hope some of it has rubbed off on me and it’s something I would like to nurture in my family. Also it’s nice to think that maybe Mam’s brooch was made by Meab (the mother) and my earrings were made by Clair (the daughter). Worth a look if you’re in the market for some unique jewellery.


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