Even better than the real thing

Take David Bowie’s “The man who sold the world”s excellent version by Nirvana, or Scissors Sisters funky take on Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” or the best cover of all The Saw Doctors crushing the Sugababes with “About you now” http://youtu.be/whciEPSghGU and it goes without saying anything by Johnny Cash. Of course there are exceptions to the rule, Kid Rock’s mash up of “Werewolf in London” with “Sweet Home Alabama” ruined a whole summer for me a few years back.

I originally crocheted a cover just to hide a stain on an old stool I had picked up from a 2nd hand furniture shop. I liked the shape of the stool itself, it had some lovely legs and it was still nicely padded but the original cover was now a slightly faded red velvet and I couldn’t get the marks out. I started crocheting rounds and then decreasing as I came down the sides, forming a Rasta hat of stripy colours. A friend then asked me to make one for her, she’d had a little stool for years that her grandmother had craftily cut up a jumper and made a cover for back in the day it but it was getting a bit worn and stretched. I decided to make a more deliberate attempt at this one and looked around for patterns on the internet, I think this is the one I most closely followed:


There are many versions out there, the biggest challenge is getting a snug fit as nothing worse than a loose stool… cover.cropped-cropped-img_4298-edit.jpg


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