A star is born

The star crochet blanket, pattern is adapted from the various star blankets I’ve seen across Etsy, often with a Captain America colour scheme. I’ve paired creams and browns with bright magenta and yellow for a rustic/modern feel and added a pretty scalloped edge all round to soften the points of the star and give little hands more to grip. I actually made this blanket for a friend of mine last year, well for her baby girl and she text me saying she had got more compliments about the blanket than the baby when she was out walking, which I don’t believe for a second as her baby is a little cutie, but it was really nice to hear and motivational (or I wouldn’t be writing this now). So thanks to that friend and if you’ve been “meaning to” text or tell someone you really enjoyed they’re company/coffee/latest rant on twitter, do it, it could be just what they are waiting to hear.